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Can You Be Successful Without a Website?

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Having your own website is always going to be important. Today the trend is towards the social media and networking, in future when this trend changes all the foot prints created using this media may just get wiped away (as Yahoo did with GeoCities, for example). If you have your own website you have total control and your identity on the net gets established.

Participating and actively using the social media sites is like participating in exhibitions, seminars and discussions. In real time when businesses participate in exhibitions, seminars and other such events they do not stop having their own office.

Your domain name, company logo and website are an irreplaceable identity for your online business and presence. Every new such trend is supplementary and should be integrated with your website for maximum benefit. The web presence should branch out like a tree with the roots being on your own website.

The internet has developed from being a marginal activity for many businesses to become a mainstream requirement in a very short space of time. It is now clear that businesses which are effective at integrating the internet with their core business activities will have a competitive advantage. Big Dawg Web Design and Development will create your website and integrate your web presence as an extension for your business.

I provide my customers fair and reasonable pricing while offering high-quality Internet solutions. Big Dawg Web Design and Development is unique, offering a varity of services that range from basic informational web sites to fully integrated eCommerce store fronts and custom application development and integration. Take the first step towards web success and contact me today. I have the knowledge of current web standards and practices, and the ability to turn your ideas into reality! With Big Dawg Web Design and Development you can be confident that whatever your requirements are, I will deliver. Take a look at my portfolio and you will see that I can deliver.